Add To Your WishlistAlocasia Hilo beauty (Reclassified as a Caladium)

Add To Your WishlistAlocasia Hilo beauty (Reclassified as a Caladium)

  • Description
    This has been a bit of a tricky one since entering Blasus, originally sold as an Alocasia or Colocasia it has since been reclassified as a Caladium.  Either way, the striking leaves of this beautiful plant can barely be believed unless they're seen for yourself! We honestly haven't been playing with photoshop, it's that unusual. As it's a relatively new plant to the UK houseplant community there is very little in the way of care guides available. 

    Size: 20cm high 12cm pot

    Light: Bright indirect light is required for the delicate foliage of this plant; direct sun will damage the leaves and a spot in the shade could risk losing some of the beautiful colouration. 

    Water:  This plant needs to be kept on the damp side, not soggy but don't let soil dry out too much. As the foliage is delicate looking rainwater would probably be advisable as it doesn't contain chlorine like tap water but does have some nutrients. 

    Temperature: An even temperate environment is recommended, avoid intermittent heat sources or any draughts. 

    Humidity: As a tropical species humidity would be present in its natural habitat, add a pebble tray or group humidity loving plants together. 

    Feed:  At the start of the growing season this plant should be fed with a suitable fertiliser diluted to half the recommended strength. 

    Care tips: As this plant has now been reclassified as a Caladium, it may like other Caladiums lose its leaves in the winter should temperatures fall too low only to regrow the following spring. As it grows from a bulb winter die back is expected. There is very little information readily available about this plant so treat is as toxic to both humans and animals if ingested. 

    Height & Growth rate: Up to 2 and a half feet. 

    Origin: Believed to be a hybrid there is very little information on the background of this plant, Hilo is a place in Hawaii and many believe this is where the name originally came from.