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    Alocasia Cuprea - Red Secret

    As the name implies, this plant has deep red foliage which is stunning in natural light. The large red leaves have a metallic rusty coloured hue, almost looking spray painted, making it a stand out specimen amongst Alocasias, which are a pretty stunning group of plants anyway. A rarer alocasia, so a must for plant enthusiasts! 
    Size: Nursery pot width 12cm, height 40cm. This will fit 14cm pots and larger.
    Light: This plant requires bright but indirect light, naturally found hiding amongst bigger plants on the forest floor it's not used to full sun. 
    Water: Allow the top layer of soil to dry before watering, never let this plant sit it water as it will cause root rot. The damage is usually done to the root system before you have chance to save the plant so always allow for adequate drainage with well-draining soil and suitable pot. 
    Temperature: Room temperature is perfect but create an even environment by avoiding draughts and heat sources. 
    Humidity: A humidity lover, think tropical forest setting. Add a pebble try, humidifier or group together with other humidity loving plants to create thier own environment. 
    Feed: A diluted fertiliser every few weeks during the warmer growing season, typically March to September. Never in the winter, as feed can accumulate and lead to leaf damage from a build-up of chemicals. 
    Care tips: Alocasia will drop older leaves to make way for new growth, so don't panic at the first sigh on a yellow leaf, simply remove so the energy goes into the healthy leaves. 
    This plant is toxic so best kept away from small hands and paws. 
    Height & Growth rate: A slow grower but can attain heights of up to 3ft. 
    Origin: Southeast Asia, but commercially first grown in Hawaii for all us plant enthusiasts