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    Aloe Rauhii - Snowflake

    Aloe Snowflake produces beautiful rosettes of green spotted leaves that resemble snowflakes because they are more white than green. It can produce bright orange flowers tipped with yellow although this is more unusual when kept as a house plant. 

    Size: Height 22cm Pot 12cm
    Light: Aloes like lots of bright indirect light, as this plant is on the paler side light is very important. It won't tolerate direct sun as the leaves will burn and too much shade will stunt growth and possibly cause the plant to darken. 

    Water: Allow soil to dry between waterings, then water thoroughly. Allow for adequate drainage and never leave the roots submerged as root rot will be encouraged. Water less in the cooler months. 

    Temperature: Aloes come from warm climates so they will not tolerate cold for long. Avoid draughts and intermittent sources of heat, provide an even temperate environment. 

    Humidity: No additional humidity required. 

    Feed: Although Aloes in general do not have high fertilisation requirements, they may benefit from an occasional feed from a suitable and diluted fertiliser once or twice during the warmer months typically seen as the growing season.
    Care Tips: This plant is not listed as toxic. 

    Height & Growth rate: 4 inches tall and 8 inches wide are about average for this plant, most Aloes are slow growers. 

    Origin: Madagascar