Add To Your WishlistAnacampseros Rufescens 'Sunrise' - Sand Rose

Add To Your WishlistAnacampseros Rufescens 'Sunrise' - Sand Rose

  • Description

    Anacampseros Rufescens, also known by its common names ‘Sunrise succulent’ and ‘Sand Rose’, is a gorgeous, low-growing succulent plant with colorful leaves. These plants are native to South Africa and grow in clusters that start out small but eventually spread out by producing offsets. 

    The leaves are rainbow-colored with foliage in the shades of green, yellow-green, purple, and pink. Thin, white hairs can be seen growing around the plant. These unusual-looking plants will certainly add beauty and color anywhere you place them. 

    Size: pot 8cm wide 

    Anacampseros Rufescens Care:

    Light: Bright, indirect sunlight. It will tolerate some degree of shade but will not do as well.

    Water: During the spring and summer months, water well then allow the soil to completely dry out before watering again. It requires very little watering during the winter months. Overwatering can cause root rot. 

    Temperature: Average room temperatures of 15-24°C with a minimum of 5°C.

    Humidity: This succulent prefers dry conditions. It does not require misting and areas of high humidity should be avoided. 

    Feed: A weak solution of liquid fertiliser once a month during the summer months.

    Height and Growth Rate: Average height 5-15cm. Ultimate height can reach over 30cm. Slow growing once established.

    Toxicity: Not known to be toxic to pets however should not be ingested.

    Origin: South Africa.