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    Aphelanrda White Wash

    An eye-catching plant characterised by white/beige foliate with spots of green and strong veining. Its appearance has gained it the nickname of zebra plant. A hard to come by variety that will stand out in any plant collection.  

    Nursery pot width 12cm, height 20cm.

    Size: Can reach sizes of 1 to 2 meters in the wild typically smaller indoors, 50 to 60 cm.

    Light: They enjoy bright but indirect sunlight, too much direct sun will cause the leaves to scorch. Ideally a north facing window or several feet away from a south facing light source. Due to having less in its leaves chlorophyll, giving the white washed appearance this species will need slightly more light than its green cousin.

    Water: Keep soil moist, not wet. Overwatering can result in loss of leaves and root rot. Should be in a well-draining soil mixt to allow for adequate drainage and avoid the plant having "wet feet" 

    tips: Water little and often during spring and summer, plant can appear droopy when thirsty but will bounce back after sufficient water. Submersing the pot in water is not recommended for this species. Less water is required in the colder months as this species doesn't like to be cold and wet.

    Temperature: 18 - 21 degrees which is typically room temperature 

    Humidity: They thrive in humid conditions so a pebble tray or humidifier would benefit this species.

    Feed: Fortnightly during spring and summer

    Height & growth rate: Growing faster in the warmer months as with most tropical species. Repotting ideally in spring. 

    Origin: Forests of South America.

    This plant is non toxic to cats and dogs