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  • Description
    Begonias have long been a staple houseplant, with many different subspecies providing a variety of looks. 

    Size: 45cm high 18cm pot

    Light: Bright, indirect light is required for this plant as it would naturally be found under a forest canopy direct sun will damage the leaves. 

    Water: Allow top inches of soil to dry out in spring and summer, allow to dry out further in the cooler autumn and winter months.  Always ensure adequate drainage, plants sat in water will develop root rot over time. Try to avoid getting the leaves wet as it may lead to problems further down the road. 

    Temperature: Average house temperature is fine, avoid draughts and intermittent sources of heat. 

    Humidity: Begonias love humidity so ideal for a bathroom, alternatively group humidity loving plants together or add a pebble tray or humidifier. 

    Feed: A suitable houseplant fertiliser, used 3 to 4 times between March and November is recommended. Dilute feed to half recommended strength and never add fertiliser to dry soil as it may burn the roots. 

    Care tips: The sap of begonias is classed as an irritant so be particularly careful if pruning.  If ingested they are classed as toxic to both people and pets. 

    Height & Growth rate: Relatively fast growing in the spring and summer months, can reach a height of 2 ft. 

    Origin: Commonly believed to originate in Brazil and Mexico although many are hybrid species.