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    Begonia Venosa
    Although possibly a little more subdued than some of the Begonia family, this fuzzy little plant has a hardier nature and can tolerate a little neglect here and there and will still reward you with a show of little white flowers. 
    Pot d12cm

    Plant h32cm

    Light: Bright, indirect sun is preferred avoiding full sun as this can damage the leaves. Always remember sun is intensified when it shines through glass. 

    Water: Allow the top layer of soil to dry out before watering, in the colder winter months allow the soil to dry a little further to avoid the plant sitting in cold damp soil. Always allow for drainage before replacing. 
    Temperature: Tolerant of average room temperatures, this plant can drop leaves suddenly when temperatures are inconsistent. Avoid draughts and sudden heat sources like fires or radiators. 

    Humidity: Being a tropical species humidity is needed for a happy Begonia, group humidity loving plants together, add a pebble tray or a humidifier. 

    Feed: From March to November a diluted house plant fertiliser can be used monthly. Use a feed higher in phosphorus on younger plants as this will aid the establishment of a strong root system. Adult plants require nitrogen to keep the leaf development stable. 

    Care tips: Often described as the toughest of the Begonia family due to its hardy nature, avoid watering the crown of the plant and instead water the sides to keep the leaves dry.  

     Begonia Venosa has the fastest growth rate of the begonia family and can reach up to 2 ft tall.