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    As with most Calathea species, this plant is a little more on the demanding side but persevere and you'll be rewarded with some of the most ornate houseplants there are. 

    Size: Pot diameter 14cm, Plant height 35cm.

    Light: Naturally found under a canopy of growth, strong sunlight will damage the leaves. A spot away from direct sunlight but still in a bright spot is key. 

    Water: Calathea are sensitive to chlorine found in tap water and respond well to rain water.  There are additional nutrients in rainwater that will be particularly beneficial to the blooms of this species. Don't allow this plant to dry out too much in the warmer summer months, a thirty Calathea will look sad and droopy but try to avoid letting this happen as it causes stress to the plant. 

    Temperature: An even warm temperate climate is key, avoid draughts and intermittent sources of heat. 

    Humidity: High levels of humidity are important to this species, as it would naturally have in a tropical jungle. Group humidity loving plants together, mist on warm days, add a pebble tray or humidifier to achieve this. Browning on the tips of the leaves are generally indicative of too little humidity.  

    Feed: It isn’t a heavy feeder and only requires half-strength plant food. Once the clocks spring forward an hour in March,  start to feed this plant once a month. However, once the clock falls back an hour in the autumn feeding can usually be stopped. 

    Care tips: Calathea are non-toxic although a little high maintenance. The blooms of this species can last 2 to 3 months 

    Height & Growth rate: Generally reaching a height of about 2 ft at maturity, growth is predominantly in the warmer summer months. 

    Origin: Tropical jungles of Brazil.