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    Calathea white fusion 

    This beautiful rare species is a must for any plant enthusiast, needing a little more love than the average houseplant it will reward you handsomely with unique foliage and a real wow factor! 

    Size: nursery pot width14cm, height 40cm.

    Light: as with the rest of the calathea family indirect light is best, too much sun will discolour those beautiful leaves. Too dark and the unique colouration will dull. Ideally east or west facing aspects or a sufficient distance from a south facing light source. 

    Water: Preferably rainwater, as the chemicals in tap water can upset this beauty, allow first inch of soil to dry before watering. Water less in the winter and try to keep the leaves dry. Leaf curling is the sign of a thirsty plant but try to avoid waiting for this to occur as it causes the plant undue stress.

    Temperature: room temperature will be adequate, avoiding draughts or exposure to heat sources such as fires/radiators. Try to avoid fluctuations and keep an even temprate environment.

    Humidity: Calatheas flourish in a humid environment, add a pebble tray or humidifier, but avoid misting those beautiful leaves as white markings are prone to browning. 

    Feed: A dilute mix monthly during growing season, again be careful not to get any on those stunning leaves.

    Care tips: Avoid using any kind of leaf shine product, a gentle wipe with a clean damp cloth will be enough. Try grouping this plant with other calatheas as they'll create a humid environment together.

    Height & growth rate: As with many of the lower light plants growth is slower. Expect a height of 40 to 60 cms. 

    Origin: This new cultivar comes from a nursery in Malaysia originally.

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