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    Alocasia Baginda Pink Dragon
    The alocasia family are known for having stunning leaves and this is no exception, nestled on top of the pink stems that give this plant its name, dark arrow shaped leaves have strong raised veins making this rare alocasia stand out

    Care -

    Light: Not a sun lover preferring instead a brighter spot away from the sun's strong rays. The leaves are susceptible to damage if left in direct sunlight. 

    Water: Like other thick-leaved Alocasia, allow to fully dry between watering. Over watering can lead to complications such as root rot and fungal infections, for this reason always ensure adequate drainage and never let the plant sit in 

    water. Water less in the cooler autumn and winter months when alocasia may have a period of dormancy. 

    Temperature: Happy in average room temperature, always provide and consistent environment away from intermittent heat sources and draughts. 

    Humidity: This alocasia loves humidity, average dry household air will be too drying so additional sources of humidity are important. Use a humidifier, pebble tray or group with other alocasia or humidity loving plants. 

    Feed: A diluted, balanced liquid feed can be used monthly during the warmer months, do not feed in the winter. 

    Care tips: As previously mentioned alocasia can have periods of dormancy in colder months. Older leaves will yellow and die off naturally, always remove them to ensure the plants energy is going into growth.  Sap can be mildly irritant so wash hands after handling. 

    Height & Growth rate: This species can grow to 4ft with the hotter months seeing the fastest increase in height and leaf production. 

    Origin: Tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and Eastern Australia.