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    Begonia Massoniana River

    The Begonia is a plant that exists in many different species, there are more than 1000 known species of Begonias. This makes the Begonia one of the most extensive genera of botanica. This plant is distinguished by the texture of the leaf and the hair on the leaves that provide a special shine. 

    Size: Nursery pot 15cm wide Plant hight 50cm

    Light: A plant that prefers indirect light due to its natural habitat under the canopy, avoid full sun as it can cause damage to the leaves. 

    Water: The soil should dry out between waterings, once the first few inches are dry it's time to water again. If possible, use rainwater as the mildly acidic nature of rain water benefits the plant. 

    Temperature:  Avoiding fluctuations in temperature, this plant is fine at average room temperature. They can endure a chill for a short time but its inadvisable as it causes undue stress. 

    Humidity: Although they're found in climates with high humidity, they can tolerate drier air. A humidifier or pebble tray can be added but avoid misting this plant. 

    Feed: Dilute a balanced fertiliser to half strength and use fortnightly during the growing season and not at all during the winter.

    Care tips: If you notice leaf edges browning reduce light exposure and ensure no direct sun is on the leaves. Always remember sun shining through glass is intensified and would never be encountered in a natural environment. 

    Height & Growth rate: Reaching 15 to 18 inches hight this plant isn't particularly fast growing. 

    Origin: Vietnam