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Add To Your WishlistCotyledon Ladysmithiensis - Variagata

  • Description

    Cotyledon Ladysmithiensis - Variagata
    This nursery produced cultivar has creamy yellow patches on the leaves, as with any variegated plant correct light is essential. 

    Size: Height 12cm Pot 6cm

    Light: As a succulent this plant appreciates bright, indirect light. The sun's rays are intensified when passed through glass so always bear this in mind when finding a suitable spot. Variegated leaves are more sensitive to sunlight, too much light can burn the leaves and too little light can cause the variegation to fade. 

    Water: Drought tolerant to a degree as succulents store water in their leaves. Allow top layers of soil to dry out between waterings, water less in the winter as this plant will not tolerate having cold, wet roots. Always ensure adequate drainage and never let a succulent sit in water. 

    Temperature: Average well regulated room temperature is fine, avoid intermittent heat/cold fluctuations to keep an even temperate environment. 

    Humidity: No additional humidity requirements. 

    Feed: A diluted succulent feed can be used from April to August, twice monthly

    Care tips: Keep away from small hands and paws as this plant is mildly toxic. Take care when handling to ensure leaves aren't damaged. 

    Height & Growth rate: A relatively fast-growing succulent that can reach 20 inches when mature. 

    Origin: Africa naturally but this is a nursery cultivar.