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  • Description
    Crassula Capitella Turrita
    Another stunning little succulent from the Crassula family, growing in a unique stacked geometric pattern, this is a rarer species. 

    Size: 12cm high

    Light:  Choose a spot with bright indirect light or early morning/late afternoon sun. Always remember when placing a plant by a window that the sun's rays are strengthened when passing through glass and could damage the plant.

    Water:  As succulents store water in their leaves it's important not to overwater them, allow top layers of soil to dry out before watering and always ensure there's adequate drainage. Never allow a plant to sit in a pot of water as it will encourage root rot. Water less in cooler months. 

    Temperature: Average room temperature is fine, provide an even environment by avoiding draughts and intermittent heat sources. 

    Humidity: No additional humidity requirements

    Feed:  Crassula don't have the feeding requirements of most plants, a suitable feed, diluted to half strength only needs to be given annually in mid spring when they start actively growing.

    Care tips: As a general rule, all Crassula are considered toxic to pets. 

    Height & Growth rate: A slower growing species, attaining heights of 6 inches at maturity. 

    Origin: Southern Africa