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    Crassula Marginalis
    A popular plant for its easy-care nature, ideal for beginners. Its unusual almost alien-like appearance provides interesting structure and shape. It works well as a potted plant or as a hanging plant.

    Size: 14cm Pot: 9cm

    Light: A bright spot with indirect light with keep this plant happy, early morning or late afternoon sun exposure will be fine as the sun isn't at its strongest then. Always remember when placing a plant by a window that the sun's rays are strengthened when passing through glass and could damage the plant. 

    Water: As succulents store water in their leaves it's important not to overwater them, allow top layers of soil to dry out before watering and always ensure there's adequate drainage. Never allow a plant to sit in a pot of water as it will encourage root rot. Water less in cooler months. 

    Temperature:  Average room temperature is fine, provide an even environment by avoiding draughts and intermittent heat sources. 

    Humidity:  No additional humidity requirements
    Feed: Fertilise monthly during the warmer spring and summer growing months with a suitable, dilute feed. 

    Care tips: As a general rule, all Crassula are considered toxic to pets. 

    Height & Growth rate: This low growing succulent grows relatively slowly and will reach a height of 6 inches tall with vining branches. 

    Origin: Eastern cape of South Africa.