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Add To Your WishlistCrassula Perfoliata Blue

  • Description
    Crassula Perforata Blue - String of buttons

    This odd shaped little plant has a colour to match! Perfect if you love succulents but want something a little different. 

    Size: Height 11cm Pot size 6cm

    Light: As much bright light as you can, avoiding a full sun in a south facing window. Early morning or later afternoon sun is fine as it's not as strong. Always remember the sun's rays are intensified when passing through glass making it a lot stronger.
    Water: As with all succulents always allow soil to fully dry out before adding more water. These plants are a lot more forgiving of a very dry period than a very damp one.  Always try and keep the leaves dry, water trapped between them can cause issues. 

    Temperature: An even environment avoiding draughts and intermittent heat sources is best, cold will not be tolerated very well as this is a tropical species. 

    Humidity: As succulents generally come from more desert climates no additional humidity is required. 

    Feed: A suitable fertiliser, diluted to half strength fortnightly at the start of the spring growing season is adequate. This plant does not have a high feeding requirement and can easily be over fertilised. 

    Care Tips: Crassula are classed as non-toxic. 

    Height & Growth rate: A faster growing succulent during the warmer months, can reach 2 ft but these tend to be trailing vines rather than upright growth. 

    Origin: This particular species is a hybrid but naturally found in South and Eastern Cape Province of South Africa