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    Crassula Plegmatoides

    This odd little plant has a very unique look, tiny felt leaves that stack on top of each other connecting perfectly in each groove to form little columns.

    Size: 6cm pot

    Light: Bright indirect light is a must to keep the uniform appearance of the plant. Too little light and the leaf columns will take on a leggy appearance as they stretch for adequate light. Too much sun, intensified through glass can burn the leaves. 

    Water: Succulents can be easily over watered as they store water in their fleshy leaves. Allow soil to dry thoroughly between waterings and water less in the cooler autumn and winter months. 

    Temperature: Crassula Plegmatoides comes from a warm climate so try to reproduce this at home. Avoid draughts and intermittent heat sources and provide an even temperate environment. 

    Humidity: No additional humidity requirements. 

    Feed: Use a succulent fertiliser 4-6 times from April - September. Do not feed in the autumn/winter months. 

    Care Tips: Try to avoid getting the leaves wet when watering, water trapped between the leaves could lead to fungal problems. 

    Height & Growth rate: Slow growing reaching a height of up to 6 inches. 

    Origin: South Africa