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    This popular group of succulents is easy to care for, requiring very little water, a sunny spot will see them thrive. 
    Size: Nursery pot width 9cm, height 15cm
    Light: Bright light with some direct sun either early morning or later afternoon will see this plant happy. Whilst this plant is naturally found in sunny climates remember sun is intensified when coming through glass which can lead to the leaves being burned. 
    Water: When soil is dry to the touch water is needed, succulents such as this can exhibit wrinkled leaves when thirsty. Avoid watering the main rosette of the plant, instead sit in water for a short while before allowing for drainage and returning to its bright spot. 
    Temperature: Happy at room temperature during the spring and summer, requiring a cooler period during the autumn and winter months. 
    Humidity: Preferring drier air no additional humidity is required. 
    Feed: Dilute liquid fertiliser by half before using fortnightly during the spring and summer, do not feed during colder winter months.
    Care tips: The most common issue with this plant is incorrect watering, remember it's a species native to dryer climates. Any repotting should be done in the spring. If your plant appears to be getting tall and leggy it's a sign of insufficient light and the plant is trying to reach towards it. 
    Height & Growth rate: Formed of rosette style fleshy leaves this plant isn't known for its height, it will spread out more than up. One of the faster growing succulents in optimal conditions. It can grow 6 to 8 inches in a year. 
    Origin: Mexico & Central America