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    A really stunning, ornamental cactus with funky foliage and glorious flowers. The leaves have beautifully wavy margins that oscillate along the stem and give rise to its common names: Fishbone Cactus or Zig Zag Cactus. Flowers, when produced, are creamy white, with long lemon yellow to orange-brown outer petals, and are heavily scented. Other names include Moon Cactus and Rick-Rack (or Ric-Rac) Cactus. Epiphyllum Anguliger looks best displayed as a hanging plant. 

    Height: 20cm

    Epiphyllum Anguliger Care:

    Light: Prefers medium light conditions.

    Water: Keep moist during the warmer months. In winter, allow the top of the soil to dry out slightly before watering.

    Temperature: Needs average to warm conditions 16-25°C but will be OK down to 10°C for short periods.

    Humidity: High humidity requirements. Mist frequently and stand in the shower or a tray of water from time to time.

    Feed: Apply a weak cactus feed during the summer.

    Height and Growth Rate: Trails 1-2m. Fast-growing. Cut back to the desired size if it gets too long.

    Origin: Mexico.