Add To Your WishlistEpipremnum Pinnatum Marble Queen Pothos

Add To Your WishlistEpipremnum Pinnatum Marble Queen Pothos

  • Description
    Epipermnun Aerum  Marble Queen - Marble Pothos, Devils Ivy

    A hardy trailing vine with a robust nature and beautiful splashes of colour giving it its marble name. 

    Size: Pot d12cm Plant h15cm

    Light: Indirect bright light will keep the vibrant leaf colours but this plant will tolerate lower light situations. Avoid direct summer sun

    Water: Allow top layer of soil to dry out between waterings, then water thoroughly allowing drainage before replacing in cover pot.  this plant is hardy but excess water will encourage root rot. 
    Temperature: Room temperature is fine but avoid extreme fluctuations, not recommended in draughts or by a heat source like a radiator

    Humidity: Additional humidity isn't really required as this plant will do well with typical indoor humidity levels. 

    Feed: A dilute fertiliser maybe given every other month in the warmer growing season. 

    Care tips: This plant is toxic to both animals and humans so best kept away from pets and small children. Keeping the leaves dust free will ensure full and healthy growth. An ideal plant for the budding plant enthusiast due to its tough nature. 

    Height & growth rate: This is a fast-growing trailing plant that can reach lengths of up to 5ft but can be easily pruned to keep it to a suitable size for the space available 

    Origin: Tropical and sub-tropical forests worldwide.