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    Eucalyptus Gunnii 
    Grown for its ornamental value as well as its medicinal, this evergreen shrub has a spot in many spaces where is acts as a natural mosquito repellent. Brilliant for an outdoor dining area and should you catch a cold the leaves can be snipped off and added to a shower to act as a natural decongestant. 

    Size:Nursery pot width 13cm height 50cm.

    Light: This shrub will tolerate full sun outdoors, but it prefers to sheltered from wind. As it can attain heights of 40ft this plant is usually grown in a container to limit the growth which also enables it to be moved for winter shelter. 

    Water: Ensure the plant as adequate drainage, juvenile plants may require a little extra water if the weather has been especially dry during the spring and summer months. 

    Temperature: This is one of the most reliably hardy eucalyptus species and will tolerate average British winter temperatures. Hardiness improves with age; juvenile trees may require additional measures during the first few winters such as overwintering in a greenhouse or sheltered spot. 

    Humidity: No additional requirements, it will grow happily outdoors. 

    Feed:  Fertiliser can be used during the warmer summer growing months, choose a feed that is low in phosphorus and nitrogen. 

    Care tips: Known to be toxic to both cats and dogs. Pruning should be undertaken to ensure this plant does not outgrow the space it has. It can easily be maintained to ensure it doesn't take over the garden. 

    Height & Growth rate: This evergreen has the ability to grow 6ft a year under optimal conditions. 

    Origin: Tasmania