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    Ficus Benghalensis Sunshine - Banyan Tree
    This tropical species of rubber plant has light green leaves with pronounced pink/green veining. In their natural habitat they can reach a height of nearly 100 ft with a canopy spreading over 650 ft but don't worry, they are easily pruned and maintained in the home. Ficus Benghalensis will filter airborne toxins. 

    Size: Nursery pot 17cm wide Plant height 35cm

    Light: Preferring a spot in bright, indirect light as direct sun will burn the leaves and cause discolouration. Early morning or late afternoon sun will be fine as it's not as strong as midday sun. Always remember sun is intensified when it shines through glass which isn't something plants would naturally encounter. 

    Water: Allow the soil to almost dry out before watering, always ensure there is adequate drainage and never let a plant sit in water as it will cause root rot. Water less in the winter to avoid the plant sitting in cold, damp soil. 

    Temperature: Average room temperature is fine but take care to avoid sudden fluctuations that may arise from intermittent heating sources and draughts. This plant likes consistency. 

    Humidity: No additional requirements

    Feed: Through the warmer growing months a dilute fertiliser can be used monthly. Do not feed during the colder autumn and winter months. 

    Care tips: Ensure the leaves are kept dust free by wiping with a soft cloth regularly. A layer of dust will stop the plant from being able to photosynthesise efficiently. These plants are classed as toxic due to the sap which is an irritant so best kept away from kids and pets. Avoid this plant if you are known to have a latex allergy. 

    Height & Growth rate: Up to 3 ft a year in optimum conditions but easily maintained. 

    Origin: India, Sri Lanka & Pakistan.