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  • Description

    Gonialoe Variegate (syn. Aloe Variegata) this plant is also known as Tiger Aloe and Partridge-Breasted Aloe, is a species of flowing plant. 

    This beautiful plant can grow to around 20-30cm, with 18-24 leaves arranged in three ranks. New leaves will appear individually over time from the centre of the plant. Each leaf is rich green with light green oval speckles.

    It reaches maturity in 3-7 years, this is dependant on the space, sunlight and water available. Flowers develop in clusters at the centre ranging 20-30cm in height, which are orange in colour. 

    This plant can be grown outdoors during summer month, however can not tolerate temperatures under 5 Celsius (41 Fahrenheit) or wet conditions. It will need the protection of glass during winter.

    Loves bright indirect light, water when the soil is bone dry.