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    Ceropegia Woodii 'Mini Star' has smaller heart-shaped leaves than the standard string of hearts vine. Mini Star has a delightful green lace pattern that grow in opposite pairs along a trailing vine. The pinkish-purple undersides of the leaves and stems add a romantic hue. Love will definitely be in the air with this charming, trailing semi-succulent vine. Also known as Rosary Vine or Chain of Hearts, Ceropegia Woodii 'Mini Star' is not truly a succulent, but it does store water in its stems and plant care is very similar to that of a succulent. The string of Hearts is extremely easy to look after and very tolerant of neglect. It is a perfect plant for hanging baskets.

    Please note: String of hearts vines are coiled in the packaging by the growers to protect them in transit. On opening, we recommend gently unfurling the coils and teasing apart the vines around the pot. If you rush this stage, you risk losing a lot of your vines. Let the coils hang for several days before continuing to gently separate the vines (patience is a virtue). Some leaf loss is unavoidable, however, they are fast-growing plants and will regenerate quickly.

    Length - 20cm

    Ceropegia Woodii 'Mini Star' Care

    Light: Bright light, including some direct early morning or evening sunlight, will enhance the colour.

    Water: Drought tolerant, but for best results keep the soil lightly moist. Water sparingly in winter. Do not over-water.

    Temperature: Normal room temperature anywhere between 18-24°C. Protect from draughts.

    Humidity: Will enjoy raised humidity levels but most of the time they are happy in normal household conditions.

    Feed: A weak solution of balanced fertiliser once a month during summer.

    Care Tips: Trim back some of the vines if they become too straggly.

    Height and Growth Rate: Ultimate height 10cm with trailing stems up to 2 meters. Relatively fast-growing.

    Toxicity: Not known to be toxic, however, keep away from animals to be on the safe side.

    Origin: Southwest Africa.