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  • Description
    Echeveria Taurus

    'Taurus' is an evergreen succulent forming compact rosettes of almost triangular green leaves heavily flushed pinkish-red.

    Size: Height 10cm. Pot 9cm

    Light: As with all succulents, the brighter the better! Avoid full sun on a south facing window as the sun's rays are intensified passing through glass but early morning or late afternoon sun is beneficial. 

    Water: Allow to fully dry out between watering's, this plant will not tolerate cold, damp soil so water even less in autumn and winter. When watering try to avoid getting the leaves wet as water sat between leaves can encourage rot. Place on a saucer of water occasionally or water down the side of the pot if possible. Never allow this plant to sit in water, always have adequate drainage. 

    Temperature: A warm environment away from draughts and intermittent sources of heat will keep Taurus happy.

    Humidity: Preferring air on the drier side there are no additional humidity requirements 

    Feed: Fertiliser is not a continual requirement for Echeveria. Succulents grow natively in soil without a lot of nutrients. So, they are especially susceptible to fertiliser burn. However, they can benefit from the occasional extra boost. Use a slow-release fertiliser at the beginning of spring, or a liquid fertiliser diluted 2-4 times more than normal and used less often than recommended. Use a low nitrogen mix or a cactus fertiliser. Remember that it is a lot easier to over-fertilize succulents than to under-fertilize.

    Care Tips: No toxic effects have been reported from this plant but always be cautions. Most problems arise from over watering so always check the soil is dry before adding any more water. 

    Height & Growth rate: Succulents are typically slow growing, reaching a maximum height of 12 inches. 

    Origin: Drier areas of Central and Southern America.