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    Hypoestes Phyllostachya - Polka Dot Plant
    As the common name implies this little plant has brightly spotted leaves that stand out against other foliage. A relatively low maintenance plant that packs a lot of punch with its colour and patterns. 

    Size:W 8cm H12cm

    Light: As with any plant that has different colours in the leaves correct light is a key requirement, too much sun will cause the leaves to fade and too little can see them revert to green. Choose a bright spot that doesn't receive direct sunlight to keep this plant looking its best. 

    Water: Once the top layer of soil is dry to a depth of about half an inch watering is required. Allow to dry out a little further in the winter as he plant won't tolerate being in cold damp soil. 
    Temperature: Room temperature is fine but keep it consistent by avoiding draughts and intermittent heat sources. 

    Humidity: Polka dot plants like humidity, add a pebble try, humidifier or group humidity loving plants together. Leaves can be misted on warmer summer days, taking care not to spray directly down onto the plant but the air around it which allows a fine mist to fall onto the leaves. 

    Feed: Once a month during the warmer months which are typically seen as the growing season, feed with a dilute well balanced house plant fertiliser. 

    Care tips:  Always ensure the leaves are dust free and remove and dying leaves. Older plants can have a leggy appearance but they can be easily cut back so the plant keeps a full look. 

    Height & Growth rate: Reaching a size around a foot and a half, these plants grow moderately quickly. 

    Origin: South Africa, Madagascar and Southeast Asia