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    Peperomia Raindrop 
    This popular and diverse plant group are generally easily maintained with lush glossy leaves. This species having succulent heart-shaped foliage in deep glossy green tones. 

    Size:Nursery pot width 12cm, height 26cm.

    Light: West or east facing light sources provide suitable light without damaging the plant. 

    Water: Allow Peperomia raindrop to dry out between waterings so root rot isn't encouraged. Do not allow plant to sit in a pot of water, throw away excess after watering. 
    Temperature: Room temperature is ideal for this plant but avoid direct heat sources such as next to a radiator. 

    Humidity: This species benefits from humidity but preferring cooler temperatures to more tropical species. 
    Feed: Once a month with a diluted feed during spring and summer growing season. 

    Care tips: Due to this plants delicate and shallow root system repotting should only be done when absolutely necessary and with great care.  Ensure leaves are dust free and use a well draining soil mixture should repotting occur. This plant is nontoxic to animals and humans. 

    Height & Growth rates: This compact plant averages about a foot tall. 

    Origin: Columbia & Peru. 

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