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    Philodendron Birkin
    This rare gorgeous houseplant has deep green leaves with beautiful contrasting light yellow lines that look almost painted. This tropical species will stand out from other houseplants and bring a touch of something different to your home. 

    Size: nursery pot 14cm  height 25-30cm

    Light: This plant would naturally live under a forest canopy so no direct sun, just bright diffused light. Direct sunlight can cause damage to leaves eventually resulting in the plant losing them. An East or West facing window would provide sufficient light without risk of damage. 

    Water: Allow the soil to mostly dry out before watering, as with most plant species constantly wet roots will cause problems so allow for adequate drainage. Water less in the winter, allow soil to dry a little more. 

    Temperature: Average room temperature will be adequate, avoiding sources of fluctuating heat or draughts. Always keep above 55F/13C. 

    Humidity: This is a tropical species so humidity is a must for a happy healthy plant. Group humidity loving plants together, add a humidifier or pebble tray to increase humidity. 

    Feed: Calcium and magnesium are important for Philodendrons so a liquid fertiliser with both those nutrients would be suitable. Fertilise once a week with a diluted feed during the summer. 

    Care tips: Ensure leaves stay dust free by wiping them with a clean damp cloth. Classed as a toxic plant so ensure its kept away from small hands and paws. 

    Height & Growth rate: Indoors these plants can grow up to 3 ft but this isn't a fast-growing plant. 
    Origin: South America, typically rainforests.