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    Sansevieria Cylindrica Fernwood - Snake plant
    This popular hybrid is known for its resilience making it an ideal plant for new plant enthusiasts. The sansevieria family were originally featured in NASA's clean air study and this sub species is no exception expelling oxygen at night this is an ideal bedroom plant. 

    Size: Nursery pot 9cm plant height 25cm

    Light: Surviving a multitude of conditions, Cylindrica will do best in bright indirect light but will tolerate shade. Growth will be more apparent in a brighter spot. 

    Water: When it comes to watering this plant, think in term of a cactus. Allow soil to thoroughly dry out before watering and always ensure there is adequate drainage. Water less in the winter to avoid the plant sitting in cold, damp soil. 

    Temperature: Living happily at room temperature provide an even temperate environment away from draughts and intermittent heat sources. 

    Humidity: No additional humidity required. 

    Feed: Use a dilute fertiliser monthly during the spring and summer growing season and not at all in winter. 

    Care tips: Sansevieria prefer being on the tighter side of root bound so don't worry about repotting until absolutely necessary and then only go an inch or so bigger with the pot size. 

    Height & Growth rate: Growing faster in brighter spots but still not particularly fast growing this plant can grow leaves up to 5ft tall. 

    Origin: Originally native to West Africa this is a cultivated hybrid.