• Description

    Hoya carnosa
    This plant has elegant long slender stems covered in waxy glossy leaves, giving way to beautiful small clusters of sweet scented star shaped flowers.

    Size: pot 12cm wide

    Light: Early morning or late afternoon sunlight will be favourable for this species but direct sunlight will damage the leaves. 

    Water: Hoyas are capable of storing water in their leaves so allowing the top layer of soil to dry out to prevent overwatering is advisable. When thoroughly dry a good watering and allowing for drainage before replacing the plant is recommended. 

    Temperature: Room temperature is perfectly fine for this plant, avoid and extreme fluctuations like radiators or ain con units. 

    Humidity: A higher level of humidity is preferential, such as a bathroom or grouped together with other plants encourages the same environment.  

    Feed: A diluted fertiliser maybe used monthly in the warmer summer growing months. 

    Care tips: Relatively easy care with air purifying qualities however the sap produced contains latex and can be an irritant to humans and animals. Nectar for the blooms can stain furnishings. 

    Height & growth rate: Fast growing trailer/climber depending on how the plant is arranged, can grow up to 3 meters. 

    Origin:  Eastern Aisa and Australia.