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    Hydnophytum Papuanum - Ant or Maze plant
    Known as an ant plant because it offers a natural home to ants in the wild within its maze-like stem system, obviously not the case in our homes but it's still known by this quirky name! 

    Size:Nursery pot width 12cm, height 40cm

    Light: Doesn't like bright direct sunlight, north facing window or a suitable distance away from a south facing light source is preferable. 

    Water: As this plant is used to a humid climate moisture is usually drawn from the air and doesn't like soggy roots. Allow to dry out between waterings and preferably submerge the pot in tepid water when required. 

    Temperature: 15 to 25 degrees so typically room temperature. 

    Humidity: This plant likes a humid atmosphere like it would naturally have in the jungles of Southeast Asia. 

    Feed: Due to the slow growing nature of the plant it needs very little nutrition. A weak solution once a month during spring and summer is adequate. 

    Care tips: Provide a source of humidity but don't overwater or keep at colder temperatures for extended periods. 

    Height & growth rate: Grown 30 to 40 cm. Typically, slow growing

    Origins: South east Aisa

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