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Add To Your WishlistPeperomia albovittata rana verde

  • Description
    Peperomia Albovittata "Rana Verde"

    This non-toxic semi succulent hybrid has medium sized round leaves and is relatively hardy. A hybrid first crossed in 2012 so relatively new to the house plant world. 

    Size: Nursery pot width 10cm, height 20cm.

    Light: Bright indirect sunlight or direct sun early morning or evening will benefit this plant.  

    Water: Drought tolerant to a degree,  allow to dry thoroughly between waterings. Requires much less water in the winter months. 

    Temperature: Not tolerant below 10 degrees but average room temperature is sufficient. 

    Humidity: In a very dry atmosphere a pebble tray maybe beneficial but high levels of humidity aren't required. 

    Feed: A diluted houseplant fertiliser maybe used monthly in the summer but isn't required in the winter. 

    Care tips: Ensure leaves are dust free, don't let the plant sit in water especially in the colder months. Air purifying and nontoxic. 

    Height & Growth rates: Grows 4 to 6 inches and will spread out. 

    Origin: Central and Southern America naturally but bear in mind this is a cultivated species.

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