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    This plant is the very essence of summer! The easy to care for Peperomia argyreia is also known as the Watermelon Peperomia and Its striking leaves look just like the skin of a watermelon. The plant likes light, but not the blazing midday sun.  Peperomia argyreia is a true beauty so add a fresh and fruity element to your living room and watch those leaves grow! The Peperormia Argyreia is also known as the Watermelon Pepormia because of it's similarity of appearance to the rind of a watermelon. This plant is very eye catching because of its asymmetrical oval green leaves, strikingly marked with curved silver stripes, and red stems. Due to their small bushy rosette appearance, they're best suited when grown outdoors as a ground cover or grouped together with other plants indoors. During the summer, greenish flowers can appear on the slim stalks which adds character to the beautiful plant.

    Size: Nursery pot width 12cm, height 20cm.

    Peperomia Argyreia Care:

    Light: Peperomia Argyreia is fine in moderate light conditions and will tolerate shade. Avoid direct sunlight. They do really well under fluorescent lights, making them ideal for the office or basement flat.

    Water: Water when the soil has almost dried out, Peperomia Plants don’t like to be over-watered. Use soft water if possible and water from below. Water is stored in the leaves making these plants drought resistant.

    Temperature: Average to warm temperatures from 18-24°C but can cope with as low as 10°C at a push. Avoid draughts.

    Humidity: Peperomia enjoy raised humidity levels but most of the time they do just fine in normal household conditions.

    Feed: Apply a half-strength balanced fertiliser once or twice during the growing season.

    Height and Growth Rate: Ultimate height 20-30cm.

    Origin: Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean