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    Peperomia Napoli Nights
    A plant from the popular Peperomia family, this hybrid had pinkish red on the underside of the leaves contrasting sharply with the grey/green colour pattern on the upper surface making it an interesting addition to any collection.  

    Size: Nursery pot Width 14cm, height 27cm.

    Light: This plant will prefer a shady spot, only requiring a few hours of indirect light daily. Full sun will damage the leaves so avoid any area which will see direct sunlight especially South facing windows. Peperomia species are known to grow under florescent lighting making this an ideal office plant. 

    Water: Allow top few inches of the soil to dry between waterings then give the plant a good soaking. Always allow for drainage and never leave a plant sitting in water as it will encourage root rot. 

    Temperature: Regular room temperature will be fine for this species, avoid draughts and intermittent heat sources and provide an even temperate environment. 

    Humidity: Additional humidity will be required as regular household air will be too drying for this species. Add a pebble tray, humidifier or group humidity loving plants together. 

    Feed: Use a dilute liquid fertiliser during the warmer growing months, once a month will be adequate and stop too much fertiliser accumulating in the soil which can be detrimental to the plant. Do not feed in the cooler winter and autumn months. 

    Care tips: Always ensure leaves are dust free to allow the plant to photosynthesise. Any dead or dying leaves should be removed to allow the plant put its energy into growth. Ona warm summer day this plant can be misted to increase humidity. 

    Height & Growth rate: Slow growing reaching about a foot tall. 

    Origin: Amazon Basin, South America naturally but this is a hybrid

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