Add To Your WishlistPeperomia rotundifolia trailing jade plant

Add To Your WishlistPeperomia rotundifolia trailing jade plant

  • Description
    Peperomia Rotundifolia
    As with the other plants in this family, Peperomia can flourish under florescent lights. So now if you're heading back to the office, you can take this plant with you! 


    Light: As already mentioned florescent lights will be sufficient for this plant, alternatively find a spot which avoids direct sunlight. Sun is intensified as it shines through glass making it much stronger. Most plants which are now available as houseplants are naturally found under a canopy and therefor in their natural environment direct sunlight would be limited. 

    Water: If possible, use rainwater when watering Peperomia as its free on the chemicals found in tap water. Allow the first few inches of soil to dry out before watering then after a good watering always allow for drainage. Any plant that is not aquatic that it allowed to sit in water will develop problems with root rot. Water is stored in the leaves so this plant is drought resistant to a degree. 

    Temperature: Avoiding fluctuations in temperature and providing an even environment is key with this plant. It's fine at room temperature just avoid draughts/radiators.  

    Humidity: Peperomia enjoy raised humidity but can grow just fine in the average household. Should you feel your house/office space is particularly dry a pebble tray may be added. 

    Feed: Apply a half strength balanced fertiliser only once or twice during the warmer summer months. Do not feed during the cooler autumn and winter months. 

    Care tips: When handling your Peperomia take care not to snap the delicate leaves and shoots, always ensure plant is dust free and remove any dying leaves. 

    Height & Growth rate: A slow growing plant which will trail, not reaching more than a foot. 

    Origin: Florida, Mexico & The Caribbean.