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Add To Your WishlistPeperomia Schumi Red - Sienna Sunset

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    Peperomia Schumi Red - Sienna Sunset
    This compact and attractive plant is easy to care for and with deep spines through the bright leaves it really is quite eye catching. A member of the large and diverse Peperomia family these easy to care for plants are related to pepper plants. 
    Size: Nursery pot 11cm wide Plant height 20cm

    Light: This plant would naturally be found under the canopy receiving dappled or indirect sun which is what ideally we replicate in our homes when placing this plant. Avoid south facing windows with direct sunlight however early morning or late afternoon sun will be fine. 

    Water: Allow the top layers of soil to dry out before watering, ideally the first inch of soil should be dry. Always allow for adequate drainage before replacing. Water less in the winter to avoid the roots of the plant sitting in cold, damp soil. 

    Temperature: This plant will not appreciate temperature fluctuations, avoid draughts and intermittent heat sources and keep at an even average room temperature. 

    Humidity: As this plant comes from a naturally humid environment consider adding a pebble tray, a humidifier or group humidity loving plants together as they'll establish their own mini ecosystem with relative humidity. 

    Feed: Peperomia plants can be easily over fertilised so use caution when feeding. Dilute to half as strong as recommended as use monthly in the warmer growing season. Do not fertilise in the autumn or winter. 

    Care tips: Always remove any dead leaves to save the plants energy and allow for new growth. 
    Height & Growth rate: Generally, a small plant not exceeding 12 inches. 

    Origin: South America, Amazon basin.