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  • Description
    Philodendron Bipinnatifidum
    Also known as the Philodendron Tortum, often said to resemble a skeleton due to the long thin appearance of the leaves. Considered to be one of the rarer plants available as a house plant, it actually resembles a palm more than a philodendron. 

    Size:Nursery pot width 15cm, height 60cm.

    Pot sold separately  

    Light: Direct sunlight will damage this plant so diffused light or away from a south facing light source is best. 

    Water: As with the majority of house plants this species won't tolerate sitting in water as it encourages root rot. After a thorough and deep watering allow drainage before returning to its cover pot. Allow top layer of soil to dry before repeating. 

    Temperature: Benefitting from room temperatures on the warmer side, this plant doesn't like draughts or an inconsistent environment.

    Humidity: This plant likes high levels of humidity, consider grouping humidity loving plants together or use a humidifier or sit on a pebble tray. 

    Feed: Fertilise this plant with a dilute feed appropriate to the species once a month during the warmer summer months.

    Care tips: An air purifying plant which benefits from a larger pot due to rapid growth. The older leaves will naturally die back and yellow to make room for new growth. Magnesium is a particularly important nutrient to this plant so bear this in mind when choosing a fertiliser. 

    Height & growth rates: Fertilised correctly this can be quite a fast-growing plant, in the wild reaching up to 20 ft this plant can be easily pruned to fit into a smaller space. 

    Origin: Tropics of America