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    Philodendron Silver Queen
    A rarer philodendron, this robust fast-growing plant is naturally a climber. Silvery leaves can reach up to 15 inches in length giving a tropical look to any space. 

    Size: Nursery pot 17cm wide Plant height 60-65cm

    Light: As this plant would naturally be found under a forest canopy it prefers indirect light to semi shade. As the leaves have a silvery hue, they will be susceptible to sunburn from direct sun light. 

    Water: Allow top few inches of soil to dry out between waterings, always ensure you have adequate drainage to avoid root rot and never let the plant sit in water. Allow to dry out further in colder winter months as this plant doesn't like cold, damp roots. 

    Temperature: An even temperate environment is best, avoid fluctuations that arise from draughts and intermittent heat sources and this plant will be happy at average room temperature.

    Humidity: As a tropical forest species additional humidity will be beneficial. Silver Queen will tolerate drier air as is found in most of our homes but it may cause dry brown ends on the leaves. 

    Feed:  Choose a balanced houseplant fertiliser and dilute to half the recommended strength. Apply fertiliser to already damp soil on a monthly basis during the warmer growing months. Do not feed in the winter. 

    Care tips: Classed as mildly toxic if ingested keep this plant away from pets. As it's a climbing species the addition of a moss pole will benefit growth and structure. 

    Height & Growth rate: A relatively fast-growing plant that can reach heights of up to 20ft if given adequate support. Easily managed to keep smaller in the home environment. 

    Origin: Central & Southern America.