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    Sansevieria Black Gold - Snake plant/Mother in laws tongue
    If you're looking for a low maintenance houseplant is doesn't get much more low maintenance than a snake plant. Hardy and air purifying this plant also releases oxygen at night making it an ideal bedroom plant. 

    Size: Nursery pot width 9cm, height 30cm. 

    Light: This plant can survive a multitude of different light environments, it will survive in low light but does best in bright, indirect light.

    Water: This plant is drought tolerant, in terms of watering it should be treated like a cactus. Allow soil to fully dry out before watering and ensure adequate drainage. Water less in the winter to avoid the plant sitting in cold, damp soil. 

    Temperature: Average room temperature is fine avoiding draughts and sudden heat sources such as radiators and fires. 

    Humidity: Snake plants do not require any additional humidity but it may prove beneficial if grouped with other humidity loving plants. 

    Feed: Not essential but a dilute fertiliser can be used twice a year during the summer growth months. 

    Care tips: Keep away from small hands and paws as Sansevieria are toxic. Keep leaves dust free by wiping with a soft cloth. It is better to underwater this plant than overwater it if you're not sure in the beginning, try picking up the pot to see how heavy it is. A dry plant should be nice and light. Sansevieria prefer being on the tighter side in a pot so don't worry about repotting and never repot into anything more than an inch or so bigger. 

    Height & Growth rate: Generally, not a fast-growing species and the lower the light the slower the growth but cab attain heights of 5ft. 

    Origin: West Africa