• Description
    Sedums are the ultimate low maintenance plant; gardeners may refer jokingly refer to sedums as "Stonecrops" as stones need less care! 

    Size: Height 7cm Pot 6cm 

    Light: Bright indirect light is key with sedums; a few hours of early morning or late afternoon sun is fine but placing in a south facing window will be detrimental. The sun's rays are intensified when passing through glass to an extent that can damage leaves. 

    Water: Allow to dry between waterings then water thoroughly, water less in the winter. Always allow for drainage, no plant wants to sit in water unless its aquatic, constantly wet roots encourage root rot. 

    Temperature: Average room temperature avoiding fluctuations is ideal, intermittent sources of heat or draughts will not be beneficial to growth. 

    Humidity: No additional humidity requirements. 

    Feed: Sedums require little to no fertiliser. Oftentimes, a thin layer of compost added to the soil will be all of the nutrients the plants need. You can use an all-purpose fertiliser with equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Use sparingly and water it well into the soil. Never use fertiliser in the cooler autumn and winter months. 

    Care tips: The sedum family are generally considered non-toxic to humans and pets. 

    Height & Growth rate: Up to 10 inches tall and 12 inches across at maturity. Slow growing as with most succulents. 

    Origin: Mexico.