Add To Your WishlistThe Aloe Variegata (Gonialoe variegata) - Tiger Aloe

Add To Your WishlistThe Aloe Variegata (Gonialoe variegata) - Tiger Aloe

  • Description

    The Aloe Variegata (Gonialoe variegata) plant is one of the most distinct and well-known of the aloe plants with striking white and green leaves with clear stripes. The variegata Tiger Aloe species has been in cultivation since around 1850 and It was one of the first to be grown as a houseplant.

    This variety has the classic sword-shaped thick leaves and healing sap boasted by more common varieties. Variegated tiger aloe blooms from July through September in its native habits and homegrown plants will produce similarly with good care and bright sunlight. A native to the Northern Cape of South Africa, along with over two hundred other Aloe plants where it grows in the rock crevices.

    Aloe Variegata (Gonialoe variegata) Care:

    Light: Bright, indirect sunlight.

    Water: Does best in dry conditions. After watering, allow to dry out to at least 5cm deep before watering again. Less water is required in winter. Aloe vera will not tolerate excess water or standing in water so ensure the water can drain freely and do not over-water, as this will lead to rotting stems.

    Temperature: Average household temperatures are fine with a minimum of 10°C.

    Ultimate height: 1 metre. Slow growing.

    Feed: Aloe vera should not require additional feeding, but if your plant looks like it could do with a boost, apply a phosphorus-heavy, water-based fertiliser at half-strength during the spring.

    Origin: South Africa.