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    Tradescantia Al Nanouke is a gorgeous houseplant which really stands out because of its shimmery bright green, pink/ purple leaves. This plant is a fast grower and will begin to trail as it grows, making it a stunning addition to a shelf or hanging pot. Although Tradescantia plants originated in Mexico, South America, and Central America, it can truly be said that this plant originated in Sappemeer, The Netherlands. This plant will form white/ pink flowers, these will appear from spring through to early autumn. When kept indoors, Tradescantia Nanouk may also bloom through the winter months.

    Size= W8cm Height 18cm

    Tradescantia Al Nanouk Care:

    Light: bright indirect sunlight or in full sun. Bright indirect light leads to greater flower production. Too little light will cause the foliage to fade.

    Water: Allow the soil to become completely dry and then water thoroughly.

    Temperature: 20-25ºC

    Growth: 3.5 Inches

    Origin: The Netherlands