Add To Your WishlistTradescantia pallida - Purple queen

Add To Your WishlistTradescantia pallida - Purple queen

  • Description
    This striking member of the tradescantia family has larger leaves that are a stunning shade of purple, adding that wow factor to this indoor plant. Easy to grow so ideal for beginners, this is quite a forgiving plant. 

    Size: Height 18cm Pot size 12cm

    Light:  Whilst this plant naturally thrives in the shade a little sun will help bring out the colour of the leaves. It will not tolerate more than 2 hours of sun during the afternoon or early morning. Full midday sun will be too strong and can damage the leaves. 

    Water: Allow top inch of soil to dry out before watering thoroughly, allow to dry out further in the cooler months. Always ensure adequate drainage and never let a plant sit in water. 

    Temperature: Average room temperature, avoiding any fluctuations arising from draughts or intermittent heat sources will be beneficial. 

    Humidity: No particular humidity requirements are noted for this species but misting occasionally on a hot day may benefit the foliage. 

    Feed: A suitable fertiliser, diluted to half recommended strength can be used monthly during the warmer spring and summer growth months, do not feed during autumn and winter. 

    Care tips: This plant can irritate the skin of people and pets so its best kept out of reach.  This plant may require pruning to prevent a "leggy" appearance, cutting it back will promote healthy, bushy growth maintaining a fuller look. 

    Height & Growth rate: Can attain 8 inches in height and up to 18-inch-long vines 

    Origin: South & Central America.